About us.

We are a Sarajevo based IT company founded in 2013.

ID-S Consulting (the “Company”) has been established in 2013 with its headquarters in Sarajevo. It is a consultancy and service company which is primarily focused on web design, software development and the network administration. Web design services include website design, website optimization for mobile phones, site redesign and maintenance of the website. Our other services include other related IT services, software solutions, network administration and maintenance.

Highly skilled team is comprised of web designers, developers, and other IT experts with years of experience in the industry. Team experts come from diverse backgrounds and environments, with years of experience of work in their relevant fields, responding quickly and effectively to any business challenge. Company’s team is experienced in the development of web and mobile applications as well as the entire accompanying software infrastructure.

Since we are developing innovative and functional custom websites and applications, the Company has been involved in a number of local and international projects, as well as working with a large number of clients and associates.

Inspired by hard work and commitment in software development and consulting, Company’s goal is to develop solutions that accelerate and simplify various businesses, following the latest technologies and trends. Company’s main focus is placed onto continuous communication and the open exchange of ideas in order to create an ambiance for longtime successful cooperation. Key success of the Company relies on its professional high quality service, team availability and experience, usage of the latest technology and providing innovation solutions.

In addition to own software solutions and consulting, as well as network infrastructure development and administration, the Company also provide education and job opportunities for young and talented future developers.

It is important to emphasize that the Company is also a member of Bit Alliance, where we have additional opportunities for further development of software industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina together with all other members of Alliance.